The professionals at Pressure Washing America, LLC can help by renewing the original look of the exterior of your house.  Has your siding started developing mold and mildew?  Do you have spider nests or mud dauber nests infesting your eaves or patios?

 If the answer is yes – you need to address these problems before they grow out of control and you end up having to paint your home and/or replace rotten wood.

Since the the north facing walls of all houses in Houston get the least amount of sunlight, they’re more likely to accumulate the mold and mildew – which will eventually damage the paint and wood.

Ignoring these organisms over the long term will lead to premature replacement of your siding, window frames, door frames, eaves and other painted materials – which will cost a lot more than hiring us to come clean it annually.

Power washing with just water alone can remove a lot of the harmful organisms that grow on your home – the question is, what else will it remove? Our cleaning process incorporates low pressure and our special blend of detergents to kill these organisms and remove the stains they leave behind – ensuring that they stay gone for as long as possible.

Our solution is equal parts technology, activity and chemistry – if you leave any of these parts out the results are simply not as good and the process is not as safe.  Don’t exchange superior results and safety in an effort to save a few dollars.

Homeowners in around the Houston area should understand that washing a house without professional experience can be dangerous.  Many people believe that climbing a ladder to use a power washer is the only option, that it is what professionals do and it must thereby be safe.

True professional pressure washers rarely need a ladder and they should be avoided as much as possible.  We certainly don’t want to injure ourselves or damaged your property, break windows or harm your or landscaping.

Falls from ladders are always among the most common accidents leading to emergency room visits.  You don’t want to be the next victim and you also don’t want to hire the next victim!  We fully understand and use only the best and safest methods to effectively make your home look like new again.  If you’re ready to have your house cleaned and protected you need to contact Pressure Washing America, LLC  right now!

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