Why So Many People Are Moving To Texas


The South has truly grown and expanded in recent years. No truer is this than when it comes to Texas, which now has over 27 million residents. The Lone Star state is the largest in the South, and is home to several leading cities. This includes its largest city, Houston, along with San Antonio, Dallas, and the state capital, Austin.

One of the main reasons why so many people are moving to the state is the low cost of living. On average, the states living expenses are much lower than that of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. There are more job opportunities as well, with industries like energy, electricity, retail, hospitality, marketing, and especially the medical and health sectors.

Another reason for the influx of new arrivals are the schools. The state features some of the top elementary, junior high, high schools, and colleges in the nation. The latter includes the Southern Methodist University, along with A and M, State, Tech, and the University of Houston.

While the weather can be brutal during summer, the Lone Star State remains a haven for tourists and visitors. There are so many things to do and see across this large state as well. This includes the Annual Air Show in Houston, along with the Rodeo and trips to the beaches in Galveston.

Texans also love food, which is reflected in the thousands of restaurants in each city. From Italian and Chinese to Mexican and Indian Pakistani food, cities in the state truly reflect a myriad of international cultures, heritages and tastes.

Whether planning on moving or visiting the Lone Star state, you should check the Internet for a list of landmarks and guided tours. Some of the must see spots include the Galleria in Houston, River Walk and Alamo in San Antonio, as well as the State Capital Building and LBJ Library in Austin. Dallas is also home to the famous Deep Elm area, as well as the School Depository Building which was sadly where JFK was assassinated.

From its countless shopping centers to fine schools and prime real estate, so many people are leaving their home cities to move to this growing and expanding state. If you are thinking of relocating, it is best to visit the city you want to move to first. This will give you better insight on the benefits of living in this great, warm and welcoming region.