Why Power Washing Isn’t Something You Should Do On Your Own

Lots of stores are currently offering high-power, pressure wash equipment that homeowners can use on their own. While this equipment is certainly handy for scouring off dirt and grime that’s been trapped on your patio or driveway, you definitely don’t want to use it on the actual building structure. Following are several reasons why power washing is a job that’s always best left to the professionals.

If you make the mistake of adjusting the settings on your unit too high, you run the risk of damaging your siding or removing large sections of paint. This is actually a very common issue. Rather than merely removing unsightly dirt, you could create the need for a siding replacement or a costly, whole-house painting job.

You may wind up flushing away insulating and sealing materials around the windows and sliding glass doors. If this occurs, not only will you home be far less efficient, but it will also be open to invasive insects in a way that it wasn’t before. Moreover, water from this treatment could seep into the surrounding building materials, thereby opening the door to problems like mold and mildew development.

Similar issues can also occur at the rooftop if you opt to treat the topmost portion of your home. Excessive pressure can flush off loose tiles and may cause damage to the gutters and downspouts. Professionals, however have special soft wash services that they can use to ensure that no damages are incurred, even as stains, dirt, dust and other materials are flushed away. These individuals can choose the right settings for every surface that they treat. As such, they can address dirt and discoloration on patios and driveways, along with mold and moss on the roof, and dirt and debris on the exterior of the actual building structure. In some instances, soft wash services can even be used to clean the windows as needed.

You also have to think about the potential damage that you can do to yourself. This equipment can cause serious skin abrasions and harm to the eyes. If you accidentally turn it on yourself or another person, blindness can ensue. As such, it should only be used by people who are trained to use it properly.

Another vital point to consider is the fact that seasoned companies are guaranteed to have commercial insurance. This means that if any property damages occur during these treatments, the resulting repair costs will be covered. If you opt to do the work on your own, however, your own home insurance will not honor your request for reimbursement.