Learn About The Importance Of Roof Cleaning And The Different Methods Used

Organisms that stain roofing such as moss, lichens and algae feed on the organic material found in shingles. If you do not remove them, they will cause a lot of damage to your roofing. It is important to clean your roof at least once per year. You can hire professionals who offer roof cleaning services to complete the task on your behalf. When you clean your roofing, you will also get rid of debris. This can include leaves and small tree branches among other things.

The professionals who clean roofs use various methods. One of them is the environmentally friendly, low pressure, non bleach method. This method involves the use of high grade environmentally friendly products, which do not have dangerous chemicals like chlorine bleach and phosphates among other chemicals, which can cause pollution in waterways and kill vegetation. This method utilizes a low pressure rinsing system that avoids the use of damaging high pressure brushing and scrubbing.

The result of the low pressure, non bleach method is complete and instant. It eliminates moss, lichens and algae quickly. The professional cleaners use environmentally friendly washing products like roof shampoo and equipment, which is designed to provide gentle and safe washing. The contractors who utilize this method clean roofs while preserving the integrity of shingles and preventing damage to the landscaping.

The other method used to clean roofs is the chlorine bleach method. The contractors who utilize a chlorine bleach mix it in high concentrations along with other chemicals like trisodium phosphate. The contractors spray it on the roofing and wait for it to dry. They then reapply it a number of times as necessary. The lichens, moss and stains that do not come off on the day when the roofing is treated can eventually come off with rain later.

The chlorine bleach method is more affordable than other methods because the chemicals used are inexpensive. The cleaners also usually do not get on the roofing to rinse or inspect it after the application of bleach. The disadvantage of this method is that a strong chemical odor is left behind and you may not get instant results.

Another method of cleaning roofs is high pressure washing. This method can get rid of stains. However, it can damage shingles and it is not an effective way to remove the organisms that cause stains on roofs. The high pressure washing method can leave root systems behind and therefore, the algae can return quickly.

Removing stains on roofing will greatly improve the curb appeal of your home. Your roof will also be restored to its natural, energy efficient state. A clean roof is healthy and can last for many years.