What You May Want To Know About Vacation Attractions In Texas

There are many places in America that are national attractions that are visited by vacationers and visitors every year. Every state has their own claim to fame and Texas is one that has many. The Alamo, the Space Center and Big Ben National Park are just three of the many tourists attractions located in the second largest state in the U. S.

Of course, one of the most popular NFL teams comes from the second largest state in America. The Dallas Cowboys have won a few super bowl titles and they have millions of loyal fans. Dallas is a city in the state, making it a local favorite.

The Alamo is considered to be one of the most important historic locations in America. It was first established as part of a mission station in 1718 and with care and maintenance, stands strong as a symbol of the Texan War of Independence. Many men lost their lives trying to defend the Alamo against a huge Mexican army consisting of over three thousand soldiers. More than two million tourists visit the site every year.

Another very popular site that attracts visitors to the area is the Space Center. It is located in the Houston area and it is the home for a few different space programs, including NASAs Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center and Mission Control. All the space centers have numerous space programs and have incredible exhibits that is sure to please anyone looking to find out more about how it feels to be an astronaut.

The visual impact of Big Ben National State park is unlike anything in the world. Not only are the mountains and valleys beautiful and unique, the amount of wildlife and plants is incredible. There are over two hundred miles of hiking trails located around the park, giving its visitors a chance to get up close and personal with the mountain range and its habitants.

Another very popular attraction located in the state is the Ford Center at the Star. The Cowboys are one of the most followed NFL teams in the league and the playing field at the center is the arena where the popular team does most of their training. That makes their training center a popular choice for tourists, visitors, and fans. There are rumors that the team will be running drills and holding practices in many different areas.

If you would like to know more about the many tourists attractions, do a little research online. There are unique and historic places that are visited by millions of people every year. Many of them are family friendly.