Struggling To Keep Your Houston Property Exterior Clean?

Pressure Washing Could Be The Answer!

Real estate and property management companies in Houston will already know just how difficult it can be to keep a property in perfect shape. They may, in fact, decide to invest most of their time and money on the interiors of their properties, keeping their tenants or clients happy by providing comfortable and enjoyable accommodation. Nevertheless, neglect the outside of your properties and this can create a terrible impression for your tenants, contractors or even potential customers who may dismiss one of your properties in favor of a much more presentable one available up the street by another landlord.

Do not fall into this trap! When the exterior of one of your properties begins to look grubby, it’s time to call in the pressure washing professionals near you and restore that house back to it’s former glory. It’s probably cheaper than you think and can be used in all sorts of different areas outside.


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So which areas outside your properties can benefit the most from pressure washing?

Well there are many. But some of the main ones include:

Patios. Frequently used during summer for social gatherings and BBQs, they can quickly become grubby due to soil runoff, mildew and mold, leaving a less than ideal space for those summer night gatherings. Blast off the grime with pressure washing, leaving a sparkling finish and a space your tenant would be proud to use.

Gutters. Some property management companies may think ‘out of sight, out of mind’, meaning anything invisible to tenants isn’t worth spending money on. However, debris such as leaves and moss can quickly block pipes, causing water to leak out and potentially cause very serious and costly problems such as damp. Don’t get caught out, hire a pressure washing Houston company today and keep those gutters flowing!

Fascias, soffits and windows. Areas such as cladding can make a house interior look particularly unappealing if not cleaned regularly. Remove unsightly marks, moss and mildew regularly using pressure washing and completely transform the look of your house exterior.

Brickwork. Considering completing a paint job this summer to spruce up an outdoor area? Perhaps you need to re-point some cracked or failing mortar? Forget the hosepipe and brush and instead get out the pressure washer to make light work of blasting in-built grime and dirt and get that job completed in no time at all!



If you are a real estate or property management company in Houston, Texas, you will probably be aware that most of your tenants value a clean, tidy and comfortable home interior and as such, you are likely to invest most of your time and money into indoor spaces. Nevertheless, keeping the exterior of your properties clean and tidy is of high importance too and should not be neglected.

There are lots of ways to enhance the look of a properties exterior but we believe that one quick and affordable solution is to pressure wash areas such as brickwork, guttering, fascias and patios to remove dirt and make the exterior of your property much cleaner. After all, “you only get one chance to make a great first impression”.

Make sure it is the right one to both your tenants and customers.

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