Every homeowner should be aware of the importance of having your house cleaned and washed regularly. But not every homeowner knows to recognize the signs that their property is overdue for a cleaning project. Dirt and grime is not the only sign you should consider pressure washing or soft washing your property. There are some not-so-obvious signs, that means now is the perfect time to get your home back to its previous glory. Take a look at the most common signs showing you that your home needs a good washing.

  1. Exterior Walls are Dirty and Discolored

Dirty exterior walls Houston Texas

Dirty walls are easy to spot, especially if your house was white. The dirty stains will make it look dull, gray, or even yellow and give it a ruined appearance. It is perfectly normal for your home’s exterior to accumulate some grime and dirt over time. These surfaces constantly battle high and low temperatures. rain, sun, hail, but also the wind that brings plenty of dust. Your job is not to let the dirt go unattended and pressure wash your walls to prevent your home from looking old and deserted.

  1. Regular Stains

House Exterior Cleaning

If you notice some regular stains on the home’s exterior or on surfaces like pavement and concrete, know that this can only be cleaned with pressure washing. Stains like these mean that the dirt seeped deep into the material and is there to stay. The power behind pressure washing is the only thing that can penetrate deep enough into the surface to remove all impurities.

  1. Roof Discoloration

Roof tiles, thanks to the many corners and nooks, are the perfect place for fungi and other bacteria to multiply. But luckily they are easy to notice since this kind of dirt tends to create discoloration of your roof. Make sure to pressure wash your roof thoroughly to get rid of all the grime and mold that can be very dangerous for you and your family.

  1. Clogged Gutters

The purpose of gutters is to drain the water away from your home, so when you notice that it’s overflowing, know that your home is in need of a pressure washing service. Overflowing gutter means that it’s probably clogged with debris, twigs, and leaves that need to be removed as soon as possible. If you don’t clean the gutter in time, all that water may seep into your home’s foundation causing significant damage to its structure.

  1. Dirty Driveway

Driveways may prove to be the dirtiest surface on your home’s property. Everything you can imagine goes over it- rain, dirt, mud, car oils and fuels, dogs and cats, but also various rodents when you are not looking. This can make your driveway very dirty very fast. The problem is that people use driveways and sidewalks often and all that dirt goes straight into their homes on the bottom of their shoe soles. Protecting your kids, pets and loved ones from these kinds of contaminants is easy with pressure washing.

  1. Spider Webs and Insect Nests

Just like in the movies, if your home’s exterior is covered with spider web and bee’s nest, it’s definitely time for cleaning. The reason why you shouldn’t try this by yourselves is twofold. First, some spider webs can be located high up and may be hard to reach. And two, many insects build their nests out of concrete-like material, making it very hard to dispose of. With pressure washing, you can do both and stop insects from dominating your property.