Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the black stains on our roof? Can you remove them?

The black stains on your roof shingles can come from various sources, but the most common ones are mold, mildew, and an organism that feeds on the asphalt called gloeocapsa magma. But don’t worry. We can easily remove these types of organic dirt by pressure washing your roof and using biodegradable cleaning solutions specially designed for treating organic stains. 

Should we remove our outdoor electronic devices like ring doorbells, intercom systems, or cameras?

If you are able to remove exterior electronic equipment without much trouble, please do so. If not, covering them with a plastic bag and zip tie should be enough. 

Should we remove widow screens before power washing?

When you leave your window screens, there are good chances of water and dirt getting trapped. So, for the best results, it would be best to remove them. 

Do you bring water or simply tap into our water supply?

In most cases, we use your water, but if your water pressure is low, well is too shallow, or you don’t have water at all on your property, we will bring water to your location. 

What are the green stains on the sides of our house?

The green stains usually come from the mold or algae build-up on your property’s walls. Those contaminants are typically caused by dirt and dust combined with high humidity and shade. However, our house pressure washing service can easily remove the mold and algae from your property. .

Will algae and mold come back?

While we can use cleaning solutions that are amazing at dissolving organic dirt from your property, unfortunately, there isn’t any solution or chemical that can ward off the mold and algae. After cleaning houses for over a decade, we have noticed that algae and mold tend to reappear every 1-3 years, depending on the weather, treesproximity to your property, amount of shade, and many more factors. 

Do you use cold or hot water?

Whether we use cold or hot water is something that’s discussed at our first meeting. Here is where we discuss which part of the house you need cleaning and what types of stains are located there. There are different levels of dirtiness as well as different types of dirt. For example, while mold and mildew can be found on your roof, oily and greasy stains are more likely to be found on your driveway. Different materials need different cleaning techniques, including different water temperatures, in order to remove all dirt and stains from your property. 

What is the difference between Soft Washing, Pressure Washing, and Power Washing?

The main idea behind these three services is the same- a powerful spray of water is used to clean dirt and grime from various types of surfaces. The difference is in the temperature of the water being used and the amount of psi ( strength) of the water spray. 

Pressure washing uses cold water and greater psi to get rid of the dirt around your home. It is the best method for regular household use, cleaning brick, masonry, concrete, or patio. 

Soft washing also uses cold water, but the amount of psi used is much lower. This is a perfect cleaning method for surfaces that are just a tad more delicate and prone to cracking under pressure. Soft washing can be considered as a boosted water hose, and it may include cleaning solutions and detergents. 

Power washing, on the other hand, warms up the water, and you get a high-pressure stream of hot water able to get rid of almost any type of dirt. So it is perfect for removing salt, mildew, and mold, but also chewing gums and greasy stains. 

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