The Lone Star State rarely comes up in conversation when it comes to art destinations. However, the city of Houston has a whole lot to offer anyone who wishes to visit. Whether you have kids and want a family vacation, or are single and want to mingle, this city is one that should always be at or near the top of your list as a travel destination.

There is a burgeoning art scene in the city, which a lot of people outside of it do not realize. More and more galleries are opening all the time. Some of them are huge galleries where high profile and famous paintings hang, while others are smaller and more independent. This means you get a great mix of historical art along with local pieces. There are even places you can find nontraditional artistic endeavors, such as light installations or street art.

Plays are another part of the arts in the Bayou City that is a must see. There are lots of independent theaters that put on plays written by locals, some of which have won awards. There are also lots of larger theaters that house touring casts. These touring casts usually perform musicals or dramas that started out on Broadway and became big sensations.

During certain times of the year, you can see live dance performances as well. Smaller venues have local dancers doing modern and hip hop dances that are always a joy. Then there is the city’s ballet company, where you can see performances that defy gravity set to classic pieces of music.

Speaking of music, H-Town as it is locally known, has lots of clubs, stadiums and other places to listen to live music. You could go out and see a band or musician play every day for weeks without having to see the same genre or act twice. The city is chock full of live music that you will love, no matter what genres you prefer to listen to.