As always, when you are investing your money into something or paying for a service, you would want to know it will be money well spent. The more you have to pay, the more you are interested in checking all the facts related to the service and a professional providing it, even more so when it is a service you know very little or nothing about.

So how will you gain all the important information? You ask, of course!

Looking to get a power washing for your house to wash the exterior, or probably getting your parking lot washed, or a softwash for the roof, and searching for a power washing service near by, asking a pressure washing company any question on your mind is your right as a customer, but it would be wise to determine the most important ones that will help you come to a decision. And pressure washing is a service that can, in some unfortunate cases, result in damages, so choosing the right questions can save your time and money in the long run.

So what are the most important things you should ask for a pressure washing company?

1. Are you insured?

This is the first thing that you should ask for a pressure washing company. Although pressure washing is not considered ‘construction work’, it is undeniable that this job has some hidden dangers and risks.

So before you let a crew onto your property, it would be great to know that, in case of any injuries or accidents related to pressure washing, the company will cover everything. This way you can ensure both your property and the workers are protected in a worst-case scenario.

2. Are your technicians certified and how?

When we say ‘pressure washing’ you may imagine an improved version of water gun for the big boys, but pressure washers are anything but. T

here are tons of videos across the internet showing how you can cut through steel with water and just enough pressure, so these machines are very capable of inflicting some serious injuries and damages. Therefore, it should be in your interest a real, trained professional, certified in handling such equipment is using it on your property.

Dig just a little bit deeper about those certificates and what body issued them. Do your own research later and see if that certificate is any good and what level of knowledge is required to gain one. Only then will you know if you can trust your property to that pressure washing company’s workers

3. Tell me about your cleaning process.

You may not know a lot about pressure washing, but some things are dictated by logic. You cannot use the same amount of pressure on both concrete and roof and a good pressure washing company will have different techniques for washing various surfaces.

There is also a question of the cleaning solution they use. They, too, have to be of various kind and specifically intended for one or two materials. If the company uses one single solution for all types of materials, it would be best for you to skip hiring them to clean your property

4. How do you wash windows?

It would seem ridiculous to hire a professional to wash your house, and not having them wash your windows. But even more ridiculous would be to have them convince you that washing your windows with pressure is a good idea.

Windows are extremely fragile when it comes to pressure washing and can crack and break even if cleaned with low pressure. Make sure the company you hire will be washing your windows without the use of a pressure washer and ensure no damages occur to your windows.

5. Can you show me some before & after photographs?

Any professional will be proud of a job well done and ensure he has proof that shows their expertise. The same goes for pressure washing companies.

Every good company will have a photo showing the property before and after they have provided their services and they would love to show them to you. A company that doesn’t have this proof of quality shouldn’t be the one you hire as it probably means their job is sloppy at best.

6. Do you offer a guarantee for your work?

Any company that says ”no” to this question should be crossed off from your list of pressure washing companies.

Make sure to choose a company that offers a 100% guarantee for their services, no matter the time-frame. This way if you notice something amiss or are not satisfied with their work, you can get them to come back and do the job until you are satisfied, or ask for a money return.

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