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Pressure Washing America, LLC – A Houston Power Washer You Can Trust!

Pressure Washing America, LLC is the most experienced local power washing company in the Houston area providing fast, efficient and affordable residential and commercial cleaning services!  If you care about the right way to clean your residential or commercial property, we have the right solution for you!  You can trust our years of experience to produce results that amaze – on time and on budget.

Get the most affordable prices for the most effective work in The Woodlands, Kingwood, Humble, Spring, Conroe, Willis, Montgomery, Cypress, Katy, Tomball, Richmond, Fulshear, Pearland, Sugar Land, Stafford, Missouri City, Porter, Manvel, Friendswood, and of course Houston!

Residential Pressure Washing in Houston, TX

 Houston-Residential-Pressure-Washing-Icon The highest quality, best pressure washing service you can get!

Residential Power Washing in Houston, TX

The quality of our work is a hallmark of this company. Each client gets the absolute and undivided attention they deserve!

Your home is your most important asset and having a fresh clean wall or roof is important to you. So make the right choice. The employees at Pressure Washing America, LLC are highly experienced professionals who take pride in their work, always concentrating on ideal cleaning results and unwavering safety while on the job.  We have been in this business for 10 years now because our clients trust us to do grteat work – and they spread the word to their friends and neighbors!

Our exterior cleaning services include house washing, pool decking, backyard patios, concrete, decks, fences, stone, brick, roofs, windows and more. Give your home the top to bottom makeover it deserves with our safe roof cleaning and spot free window washing service to follow along with power washing.

The best results are gleaned by those who hire experts with experience in the field. We use the best and safest techniques for each area of your home beyond what the average general contractor or could achieve. Our area of specialization is killing and removing algae, mold and stubborn mildew – if you need carpet cleaning call Oops Steam Cleaning.

Residential Roof Cleaning in Houston, TX – Is your roof less that 30 years old but has turned darker than the original color is has black streaks coming down it?  Chances are your roof is in fine shape but needs to be professionally cleaned.  We can make it look good as new and extend the life of your shingles or tiles!  Your roof is like your hair – it is right on top and everyone notices if it doesn’t look good….we can make it look great again!

Residential Window Cleaning in Houston, TX – Often overlooked but always looked through, your windows are under constant scrutiny from the inside and outside.  Make sure they look their best year around by hiring our window cleaning specialists to make them sparkle!  Our power washing techniques get the windows clean but the minerals in tap water wont make them SHINE unless we perform our spot free window cleaning process after the house is power washed.

Selecting the right company will guarantee the best possible outcome for your vision. Our expertise makes us readily available to answer any of your questions and capable of giving you insights to all your pressure washing questions.  You will feel confident hiring us to protect your largest investment – even if our price isn’t rock bottom.  With thousands of satisfied customers over the years, we don’t have to resort to unreasonably low prices like some other “companies” just trying to make a quick buck.


Commercial Pressure Washing in Houston, TX 

 Houston-Residential-Pressure-Washing-Icon The affordable power washing option for your business!

Houston Texas Commercial Pressure Washing Contractors

Pressure Washing America, LLC can help business owners maintain or preserve  a clean and safe appearance for your commercial property. Clients and friends will be amazed by the cleanliness and refreshing appeal your property has once it has been cleaned with our state-of-the-art pressure washing techniques. Don’t jeopardize the safety of your employees and customers by leaving your property dirty and don’t try to save a few bucks by hiring a rookie to clean your commercial property – hire us and trust you are hiring the company that sets the industry standard!

Commercial Concrete Cleaning Dirty concrete is an eyesore, there is no doubt about it – so clean yours and standout above your competition!  Nobody wants to see gum and mold right before they enter your business, and do you really want it to be the  last thing they see when they leave?  I bet you also don’t want that filth tracked inside your business or your residents tracking that gunk inside – do you?

Commercial Building Cleaning – Cleaning a multi-story building is not a project for your maintenance man.  Hiring the wrong contractor could lead to disastrous results costing you time and money and leaving your property looking worse than before…hire us and trust the job will look great!  We have experience working on lifts up to 120 feet – but in many cases we don’t need to.  We can wash stucco and metal buildings up to 5 stories without any lift equipment in many cases….this saves you time and money!

We can clean and maintain virtually any surface you can imagine – and we do it on time and on budget. We have the experience to determine the best approach for washing any type of surface or property.  With over 10 years in the industry we have seen just about everything.  If there is something we can’t clean – we will tell you upfront so you know what to expect and don’t get stuck with a bill for a “cleaning” project that didn’t come clean. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Pressure WashingWe’re also up to date on the most effective and safe detergents and application methods, so we can get you the deepest clean at the best price.  Soap isn’t always needed – but when it is you want to right soap, applied properly and then washed off properly….not just guess and check.

You will get the best clean at the best price, always on your schedule. Enjoy the confidence that comes with engaging an established, experienced commercial pressure washing company in Houston, TX.  Please feel free to call or email us if you have a question or if you are ready to get a free estimate for your specific project.